I’d like to raise money for your charity. Do you have a sponsorship form?

The BCC is organised to raise money for our charity.

We are therefore very grateful to riders who would like to raise money for us by way of sponsorship.

A sponsorship form can be printed from here.

Sponsorship Form or … continuation sheet.

What happens at the start?

When you are ready to start make your way to the start line.

Riders will be started in the order of queuing.

After the official start time for the particular route, groups of about 15-20 riders will be separated from the front of the queue and they will move forward towards the Starter.

The Starter will check that  everyone is wearing a helmet and has a number card displayed on the front of their bicycle. He will then give a short briefing before allowing the group to start their ride.

The riders do not have to ride together and, once started, can ride with whoever they like.

How do I print the route details?

The route is fully signposted however we recommend that you carry a copy of the route with you or a map in case any signs have been removed by undesirables.

The route is not available to print however you will also receive a map in the pre-ride Event email that will be sent out on the Thursday before the event.

How do I download the SatNav, TCX and GPX files?


The GPX files are not available to download however they will be sent to entrants as part of the Pre-Event Information Pack email on the Thursday prior to the event.

Where can I see the routes?

The routes and the topography of the routes can be viewed on the event page of the website.

A more detailed map will be sent to entrants by email, as part of the Event Information Pack, on the Thursday before the event.



What happens at registration?

You should arrive at the Event HQ in good time for the start of the route you are planning to ride.

Make you way to the Registration area where you will need find the official who is signing-in riders based on the first letter of your surname (i.e. if your name is John Smith then go to the official handling the “S” riders). Once there you will need to identify yourself and sign against your surname – you will then be given your number card, cable ties (to fasten your number on the front of your bicycle), wristband (which shows the marshals that you are part of the event and gives you access to the feed stations) and anything else we want to give you on the day.

Grab yourself a free tea/coffee, make use of the toilets or changing rooms and then get ready for the off!

How fit do I need to be?

The BCC is a sportive and so, accordingly, is a cycling challenge. As far as possible the organisers will make your day as easy and enjoyable as possible by good planning, good signage and good amenities however each rider will need to be able to push their pedals around to make their bike cover their selected distance.

All riders, therefore, should be as fit and as practiced as they feel is necessary to complete their chosen routes. If you are not fit enough to stand a chance of completing the distance or are not comfortable riding on public roads with traffic then you are unlikely to enjoy the day.

Current cycling advice is that a rider should have at least ridden routes of 75% distance a number of times before attempting a sportive – as adrenaline on the day will get them through the other 25% distance.

The shorter route does not generally have the same inclines that may be found on the longer route but each route is challenging for its own reasons. Details of the routes, climbs and topography can be found on the website.


Do I get a race number?

The event is a sportive and not a race however you will receive a number to be placed on your bike at Registration, on the morning of the event.

I have not received anything in the post?

The BCC only accepts online entries and these generate email confirmations.

Riders will not receive anything in the post and once entered any communications will be sent by email.

Your bike number etc will be provided at registration on the day.

What will be provided at the feed stations?

At the feed stations we will provide riders with a warm greeting, water, tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits, chairs, cycle racking, toilets, first aid and a shoulder to cry on, if required – all subject to availability.

Can I start to ride before the official start time?


The feed stations, marshals and recovery vehicles will not be ready before the official start time of each route.

Is there a time limit to finish the rides?

We appreciate that some riders ride faster than others and that if you suffer from punctures or mechanical issues then your ride could take longer than expected. We try to be fair to all riders with regard to timing however the organisers cannot stay at the HQ indefinitely.

On the day you will be given some guidance as to the closing times of the feed stations and the closing time of the event HQ. However, in general, the organisers aim to be offsite and the gates and car parks will be locked at around 5/6pm.

If you are unable to finish the ride by this time then you should call the emergency telephone number, that you will be given at registration, and we will see what we can do to help.

Do I need to be a member of British Cycling to take part?

No. The BCC is a British Cycling Registered sportive but it is open to members and non-members alike.

What if I have a mechanical breakdown that I cannot fix?

If you breakdown and are unable to repair you bicycle at the side of the road then call the emergency number, that you will be provided with at registration, and we will send out a vehicle to bring you and you bicycle back to the event HQ.

What if I get lost?

The route is fully signposted and so it should be difficult to get lost however if you do lose your way then call the emergency telephone number, given to you at Registration, and we will try and get you back on track.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

We recommend that riders should come fully prepared for all the eventualities that may occur during the riding of a sportive. Although not exhaustive we would suggest riders bring the following items:

  • a roadworthy bicycle;
  • a helmet – you will not be able to take part without one;
  • suitable clothing for riding in – including wet weather gear;
  • water bottle, energy gels, energy drink powders;
  • small first aid kit – albeit that St John Ambulance will be attending the HQ and all feed stations;
  • spare inner tubes and/or tyre repair patches;
  • tools such as tyre leavers, air pump, allen keys and chain tool;
  • spare chain links;
  • printed map of route and possibly applicable OS map;
  • mobile telephone;
  • money for public telephones, emergency spares parts, etc; and
  • money to buy BCC cycling jerseys, caps or to just make a donation at the HQ.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes … due to our British Cycling insurance, everyone must wear a cycle helmet for the duration of the rides … unfortunately


What sort of roads does the route follow?

The Brewood Cycle Challenge is a ‘country lane’ sportive, as we try to keep riders away from busy main roads, and the routes use quiet country lanes wherever possible. We will always try and use good quality tarmaced lanes but riders should appreciate that it is not a race, speed is not of the essence and so they should come prepared to ride within their own capabilities and be aware of the inherent hazards of riding such country lanes (blind bends, oncoming traffic, tractors, standing water, uneven surfaces, mud, gravel, pot holes, etc).


What sort of bike do I need?

The event is open to anyone riding a suitably maintained road legal bicycle, with working brakes (ie. no track bikes please).

Tandems are accepted but the entry fee applies to each rider and not each bike.

Are children allowed to enter?

Yes, people of any age are allowed to enter. However, children under the age of 16, on the date of the event,  must be accompanied by an adult and a parental consent form must be completed at Registration.

Is it a race?

No, the BCC is not a race and riders are not timed.


What is a Sportive and will I enjoy riding one?

A cycle sportive is a mass participation cycling event which is open to all comers.

They are usually events that are aimed at road bikes and normally will have several choices of route so that riders can choose the distance that they want to ride.

If you enjoy riding a bike, then almost certainly you will enjoy riding in a sportive!

Taking part in a sportive is as enjoyable and pressure-free as you want to make it.

There’s no competition with other riders, you ride at your own pace, to achieve your own personal goals and enjoyment whilst taking in the scenery. If you are new to cycling then completing the distance might be your personal challenge.

Sportives are a great opportunity to meet other riders and ride with a group at your pace too.