Brewood Cycle Jersey Travels 1003 miles!

March 4, 2019
“Hi, I’m Rich, and I have been riding the Brewood Cycle Challenge for several years. Sometimes I’m super fit, sometimes I’m super fat, but either way I really enjoy the rides. The organisation is second to none and the routes are scenic and challenging.
In 2018 I took my Brewood Cycle Challenge jersey for a ride I’ve wanted to do my whole life. In September to October I took my jersey, along with my bike, from one end of the country to another. Starting at Land’s End I spent 19 happy days cycling around 50 miles a day, reaching John O’Groats after 1003 miles. In the process I raised over £700 for the Samaritans and Blue Cross, thanks to generous donations from friends and family. It was an experience of a lifetime for me.
Me starting out on my journey-enjoying the sun on my face!
Me at the end of my journey-had to grow the beard for the colder climate!
This year (2019), I will be at the Brewood Cycle Challenge again for the 10th Anniversary, in the same jersey that I wore on my LEJOG. Fit or fat I know that it will be another excellent day on the bike.”


Rich Hudson.



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