About Us

In 2008, the 2nd Brewood Scout Group were informed that Staffordshire County Council, on whose land their existing scout hut sits, wanted to sell the land to help balance their budget.

Over the next two years the Scout Group mobilised an organised campaign of objection which was supported wholeheartedly by the community. This effort, coupled with a change of leading party within the Council, meant that the imminent sale of the land was halted.

A fundraising committee was established to try to raise enough funds to purchase the existing or another site within the village to ensure that scouting would continue should the Council decide to continue to sell the land. The Brewood Scouts Fundraisers, or “BSF”, (a fundraising committee of the Group) was formed and, over the last eleven years, have operated many fundraising activities from car washes, raffles, quizzes and even operating a nearly-new shop in the market square of the village. In recent times they have concentrated on:

Following positive recent developments with the Council, yet to be concluded or announced, regarding the scout hut’s land the BSF handed over the organisation of the Woggle and Cycle Challenge to the Scout Group, in mid-2018, to enable the Group to fundraise for its own scouting activities.